Our Family



Born and raised in West Palm Beach, Debbie began her nursing career at St. Mary's Hospital in 1986. She worked for many years as an RN in Neonatal Intensive Care Units at St. Mary's Medical Center, Good Samaritan Medical Center and Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center. She then worked as a Hospice nurse for 6 years providing hospice care to patients in their homes, nursing homes and assisted living facilities throughout Palm Beach County.

It was her experience as a Hospice nurse that paved the way for Amazing Grace Assisted Living Home.

Debbie is the owner/administrator of Amazing Grace and a current member of FALA, Florida Assisted Living Association.

Debbie resides in West Palm Beach with her husband and 3 children. She enjoys walking, swimming, reading and is an active member of her church.

Debbie is the daughter of Chuck Otterson, retired sportswriter of The Palm Beach Post and grand-daughter of the late Lake Park Commissioner, William Otterson.


Cory is employed by a major scientific instruments company who is the world leader in serving science.

While enjoying great success and personal growth, Cory has held various positions such as technical instructor, technical services director, sales account manager and business development specialist.  His diverse business experience makes him an invaluable asset to Amazing Grace. 

Originally from Cincinnati Ohio, Cory has resided in Palm Beach County since 2001.


The youngest member of our family.  Amazing Grace Assisted Living Home was named after Grace.

From the moment Grandpa Otterson saw her, he called her "Amazing Grace". She is our Amazing Grace.

Grace is now 3 years old and she is in the facility on a daily basis where she interacts with each resident.

She knows each resident by name and enjoys eating meals and participating in activities with the residents and their families.


Currently a high school senior, Andrew was born and raised in West Palm Beach. It was Andrew's wish to keep our home, after we moved, that fueled the thought for a residential ALF. This allowed us to provide the joy and happiness to others that we had experienced in our home.


The newest member of the Amazing Grace team is also born and raised in West Palm Beach, FL.  He is excited about his addition to the family business as we continue to grow and set a new standard for how our older population is cared for in Palm Beach County.